Occupational health and safety (OHS)

Occupational health and safety (OHS) for employees is anchored in the 36th article of The Constitution of the Slovak Republic. OHS modify a complicated system of legislation and other regulations to secure occupational health and safety. Our expert team of authorized safety engineers, revision technicians and trainers, in cooperation with recognized state authorities, offer their experience to you with the best quality on the Slovak market.

OHS priority:

  • Ensure safety, health and work ability of employees
  • Contribute to eliminate the damage to the employer in relation to devices, products, services, work-related closures and other financial losses due to OHS.

OHS services:

  • OHS entry audit
  • Informing about Occupation health and safety based on §7 law NR SR č. 124/2006 Z. z.
  • Informing drivers of company cars based on §7 law NR SR č. 124/2006 Z. z.
  • Informing about working at height  based on §3 law MPSVaR SR č. 147/2013 Z. z.
  • Informing about ground work based on §3 law MPSVaR SR č. 147/2013 Z. z.
  • Elaborating complete OHS documentation
  • Managing and updating OHS agenda
  • Regularly checking focused on OHS
  • Investigation of accidents at work
  • Deputing during the occupational health and safety controls conducted by labor inspectorate
  • Guidance – Occupation health and safety
  • First aid kit, pictograms and other OHS marks
  • Audit OHS (depth a checking OHS condition with recommendations)
  • Alcohol and other narcotics testing
  • Organizing “Occupation Health and Safety day”, as the means to increase the level of quality OHS in a specific company. The purpose is to include the employees to show the importance of OHS from an economical as well as a social meaning using playful methods and forms.
  • Coordination of Occupational Health and Safety commission meetings
  • Informing employee representatives for OHS

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Occupational health and safety (OHS)